Jaye alison moscariello

All I want to do is paint, make art and cook dinner from all the great ingredients from my farm! Everyone who buys a piece of my art is invited to dinner, at my (Bill's and my) farm, up here in beautiful Mendocino County! Come spend the day, enjoy dinner. Tell me what you like to eat. I love feeding people and I love sharing my art and life stories with folks.

My art, is all about connections, either to self, community or nature or all three. As a young artist I recall exclaiming to my mother, "Connections, connections, connections, MOM, it's all about CONNECTIONS!" My ongoing series, Chase the Monkey, is about re-connecting with nature so that you can heal and get back out into the world and enjoy all that life has to offer.

I studied at Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut. There I acquired an abundance of great foundational skills; painting, drawing, composition, printing and more. In 1982 I moved to New York City.

Sculptor Alexandra Carmel and I designed a program "Breaking Out" to unblock creative people. Art of Northeast America selected my work two consecutive years. New York was fruitful and energetic. My art became more and more narrative, colorful and expressed what my words could not. 

West Coast warmth and new adventures beckoned and I moved to Hollywood. A tiny studio on Fairfax allowed me to explore a variety of themes including loss and isolation. I enjoyed a diverse range of art shows and eventually found my dream studio in Santa Monica where I lived and worked for eight years.

One day my art said "time to leave the City". And so I listened. In the process I fell in love, married and moved up North. Our farm is two and a half acres situated in over 180 wildlife acres. We have two and half miles of hiking trails. In this region we are known for our "Monet on a Plate" 40-60 ingredients salad mix. 

Buy my art, I make you dinner! :)

Just outside my studio door is wildlife and abundant natural beauty. My work responds to all climates; political, environmental, and personal. 

So what time are you coming for dinner?

If you're interested in learning more about the farm my husband and I run, check out our site below: