Live from outside my studio door.

Live from outside my studio door.


Jaye Alison Moscariello aka Jaelin Mosscarille aka J Alison aka Jaye Alison

My art, is all about connections, either to self, community or nature or all three. As a young artist I recall exclaiming to my mother, "Connections, connections, connections, MOM, it's all about CONNECTIONS!" I am sure that she thought she had unleashed a monster. The series, Chase the Monkey, is about re-connecting with nature so that you can heal and get back out into the world and enjoy all that life has to offer.

My creative approach is to let myself loose on whatever medium I am called to use. For this narrative artist, there are generally several themes that compel me to work. I enjoy being surprised and letting work unfold.

I studied art Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut. After realizing that commercial art, even my passion - portraiture, would entail doing things that I didn't particularly want to do, I created personal art in stops and starts until I moved to New York City.

In New York I supported my art obsession with doing voice-overs, selling automobiles (yes, in Manhattan) and working for a publicist. I also started exhibiting my work. Sculptor Alexandra Carmel and I created a program for artists and other blocked creatives. I call the program "Breaking Out".

I moved to the West Coast and landed in Hollywood. Being the starstruck human that I am, I enjoyed this very much. It thrilled me to no end that I lived merely a few blocks away from Charlie Chaplin's studios and home in Runyon Canyon. I was a part time video producer and with the help of my photographer/partner had a great art studio in Santa Monica. 

Somewhere along the way, my art which always informs me, indicated that the time had come to leave City Living. And so I listened.

Being in the country, and re-connecting to nature (just outside of my studio door)takes me full circle to my earliest yearnings as a young painter, when all I wanted to do was to hug and paint trees. I hope that my work invites you to slow down, catch the sun setting, feel the wind blowing, and the clouds spinning.



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